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Linen Hemstitch Duvet Covers.
English Bone China Colored

Full / Queen size  (86″x 86″)
Linen Hemstitch Duvet Cover. $449.99

King size (106″x94″)
Linen Hemstitch Duvet Cover. $499.99

Linen Hemstitch Pillow Shams.
English Bone China colored.
Winter White Linen Colored.
High Quality & Heavy Weight Linen Fabrics.
Available Sizes:
Standard Pillow Sham. 21″x26″. $109.99 ea.
Queen Pillowcases / OR As /Pillow Sham. $109.99 ea.
Euro Square Pillow Sham. 26″x26″.$119,99 ea.

Cotton Hemstitch Pillow Sham
Standard Size
Pearled Ivory color

Hemstitch Standard Size Pillow Shams
Triple Lines Hemstitch.

Small Pillow Shams
Triple Lines of Hemstitch

Scalloped Edge
Imperial Embroidered
King Size Pillow Sham
All Cotton

Scalloped Border Imperial Embroidered Queen Size Pillowcase.
All Cotton.

Battenburg Lace Duvet Covers

Battenburg Lace with Pine Apples Design.
Battenburg Full / Queen Size Duvet Cover.
Duver Cover Size about 87″ x 87″
Can use either on the Full size bed or Queen size bed.
Plus Extra Liner between duvet cover & comforter.
Full / Queen Size $169.99.
Twin Size $149.99.
Shipping & Insurance about $20.00 (ups only)

Battenburg Lace Bed Coverelet & Bed Dust Ruffle.

Pineapple Battenburg Lace Designs.
Full Size Battenburg Lace Bed Coverlet. $119.99.
Full Size Battenburg Lace Bed Dust Ruffle. (54″ x 76″ x 14″ Drop)  $79.99
Queen Size  Battenburg Dust Ruffle (60″x80″x14″) $89.99
King Size Battenburg Dust Ruffle(78″x80″x14″). $99.99

Old Fashioned Battenburg Designs
Full Size Bed Coverelet
Full Size Dust Ruffle

Old Fashioned Battenburg Lace Dust Ruffles
Twin Size Dust Ruffle 39″x76″x14″. $69.99
Full Size Dust Ruffle. 54″x76″x14″. $79.99
King Size Dust Ruffle. 78″ x 80″x14″. $99.99

Grace Style All Hand Embroidered Bed Coverlets & Dust Ruffles
Twin Size Coverlet (68″x90″). $249.99
Twin Size Dust Ruffle (39″x76″x14″) $129,99
Full Size Coverlet (84″x90″). $299.99
Full Size Dust Ruffle (54″x76″x14″). $149.99

English Eyelets Bed Coverlets
Available in Four Sizes
Twin Size Coverlets 68″x90″
Full Size Coverlets 84″x90″
Queen Size Coverlets 90″x96″
King Size Coverlets 108″x96

Imperial Embroidered Duvet Cover.
Twin Size $149.99 each.
UPS Shipping & Insurance about $20.00

Imperial Embroidered Dust Ruffles
Queen Size 60″ x 80″ $89.99 each
King Size. 78″ x 80″. $99.99 each.

Floral Duvet Cover & Floral Matching Shams.
Pearled Ivory color background.
All Cotton.
Battenburg Lace Trimming.
Fitted Full OR Queen Bed

Elegant Top Sheet
Imperial Embroidery
Twin Size & Full Sizes

Victorian Hand Embroidered Ruffled Edges “Bolester” Pillows 13″ x 32″. (right)
Victorian Hand Embroidered Flange Border “Bolester”  Pillow. 16″ x 36″ (left)

Victorian Hand Embroidered “Ruffle Pillow Shams “
with 3″ wide Ruffled border.

Victorian Embroidered
King Size Ruffled Pillow Sham.

English Eyelets Embroidered Pillow Sham with “Tucking”.
Standard Pillow Sham.

Battenburg Lace
Pillow Shams.
Available sizes:
Standard Shams,
King Shams and
Euro 26″x26″ Square

Hand Embroidered
Bolster Pillows.
14″ x 34″

Needlepoint Pillows. 18″x18″
Made By All Wool
Needlepoint Pillow with Fruits
Needlepoint Pillow with Angels.